Thursday, March 8, 2007

Om Namah Shivaya

"I honor the divinity that resides within me."

God help me, that's my mantra whenever the old IBS kicks in. It is I, Ron, the transcendental intern at the theatre. And beyond discussing my irritable bowel syndrome, I thought I'd casually toss out that there are some wonderful productions going on at the theatre besides the Main Stage.

Don't get me wrong: Main Stage=wonderful. But you know we got other things going on, too. Yup, we're just a happening place to be. So with that . . . .

On the 13th of March (a Tuesday for those not with the Julian calendar), we have not one but two great productions. We have at 7:00 p.m. "Dis-Lodged," a wonderful combination of satire, song and steamy sex scenes all wrapped up in a won ton of fun and directed by Pete Jacokes. And after that we have the LAST, final, all-star blowout show from the Level 5 peeps. That show is directed by PJ Jacokes. I've seen both shows so far and they're well worth the $5 fee. And hey, if that doesn't intrigue you just remember there are three bars in the theatre, too. I see this as a win-win situation.

Then the next night Main Stage begins their daily cycle with their new, critically acclaimed and laughter approved revue: Michigan Impossible.

Little factoid for those into little factoids, Second City tries very hard to adapt to the environment it's in. Hence why in the current Main Stage cast they have a heterosexual Republican. YES! I kid you NOT! I won't tell you which one of the fine five is the GOP Breeder, but rest assured they've shaken and stirred the political hot pot to ensure equal offense to all political spectrums regardless of their taste for shoes.

Until the next time, I'll be in my meditation chamber chanting away.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Intern Life

Good Lord I've been slow to post here. A 1,001 apologizes for my tardiness in posting, life has gotten a bit hectic for me on a variety of fronts, and hopefully I won't be like that dead-beat dad who goes out to buy "smokes" and comes home 14 years later.

Anyway, a lot of people ask me what it's like to be an intern at The Second City Detroit theatre. I usually lie and tell them a variety of over the top stories involving all-night drinking binges, endless partying, and discounts at a variety of upscale merchandisers like Kohl's or Target. If I told them the truth: I print out labels. I sticker postcards. I take notes. I answer phones, and once in a blue moon I fetch silverware and deal with snarky waitstaff at a certain Thai restaurant, people would be disappointed. I know because I told my mom the truth and she won't even return my phone calls, because she was so disappointed.

But I digress. It's a fun experience no matter what I do, even when I'm forced to put that same snarky waitress in a headlock until she gives me a fork and a knife--and by giving I mean handing it to me and not slipping it into my ribs. Some days you're the drunk; some days you're the noodle.

Today's power mantra to chant: I am loved: zip, zap, zop.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Michigan Impossible: All Laid Off & No Place to Go

The Second City is proud to announce the opening of its 29th revue “Michigan Impossible: All Laid Off & No Place to Go” on Wednesday, February 28th, 2007 at 8:00pm at The Second City located at 42705 Grand River Avenue in Novi.

The Second City’s all new revue, “Michigan Impossible: All Laid Off & No Place to Go”, delivers uproarious hilarity on the after effects of a nation downsized. “Michigan Impossible: All Laid Off & No Place to Go”, directed by Shari Hollett, celebrates the humor in the social, political and financial turmoil of living with the nations second worst unemployment rate (we’ll get you yet Mississippi). Through the eyes of not only the recently unemployed, but also some atypical airplane passengers, the cult like employees of a warehouse store and one mixed up gorilla, let The Second City show you that every cloud has a laugh filled lining.

The cast of “Michigan Impossible: All Laid Off & No Place to Go” includes Brett Guennel, Quintin Hicks, Tara Nida, Tim Robinson and Megan Wilkins. Mark Levenson is musical director and Amy Duffy is stage manager. Set design is by Amy Duffy and Stylist is Mark Sobolewski. The Producing Artistic Director is Nate DuFort.

Tickets for “Michigan Impossible: All Laid Off & No Place to Go” are available by phone at 248-348-4448 or on-line here. The show schedule and ticket prices are as follows:

Wednesday & Thursday, 8:00pm, $15.00Fridays, 8pm & 10pm, $20.00Saturdays, 7pm & 9pm, $20.00Sundays, 8pm, $15.00